The hot stamping foils provided by Vellerino SDI has been certified in the highest level of deinkability by the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE). 

In one of the recycling processes, deinking, substrates can be sorted after detaching foils and inks from them. The result achieved  confirms that substrates applied with our hot stamping foils can be sorted and recycled without any problems, which supports paper recycling and minimizes waste.

Vellerino SDI PV series offer you the ISO 18745-1:2018 Certificate.
ISO 18745-1:2018 certificate is the standards for the durability of fully personalized Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

HOT STAMPING is the process of traditional printing and therefore more widespread.
It consists of making an impact regulated in temperature and pressure on a polyester or stamping foil, with an engraving plate (magnesium, brass or bronze mold) that has previously been fixed with staples.

This foil is a polyester that carries a composite with the following layers:

  • Lacquer release

  • Color Layer

  • Aluminum

  • Adhesive by heat reactivating

Depending on the release lacquer, we will use films for fine details, medium or masses.Foils at the cutting edge.

Depending on the adhesive, we will use films for inks of UV curing, water, waterless, etc.

Depending on the combination of these two products, we can use films for rough or smooth papers or different kinds of plastics.
Vellerino SDI offers a wide range of metallized films, mates and holographic, to work with:

  • Rough or smooth paper and plastic (OPP / PET / PP)

  • Ultraviolet curing inks (UVI)

  • Water-based varnishes and ultraviolet varnishes

  • Stamping modules:

    • Vertical

    • Cilyndrical

    • Rotary

    • Semi-rotary

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