Vellerino SDI offers a wide range of references, both films standard and over-printable, as varnishes, adhesives and other products necessary to perform the desired printing. Everything defined to give the best answer to the different needs and demands of our customers.

We pay attention to the tiniest detail to be align to sustainability

Is Vellerino’s Foil Stamping Recyclable?
Hot stamping and Cold transfer printing are both RECYCLABLE !
In a study commissioned by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (, it was found that paper after foiling is 100% recyclable. The addition of foil creates no problems in deinking or pulping during the recycling process.

Foil-stamped prints are RECYCLABLE and DEINKABLE
Our foils passed the de-inking certification granted by INGEDE. After stamping with our foils, papers can easily be deinked during the re-pulping process, after which the paper can be made into new paper or cardboard materials without any issues.

Foil-Stamped prints are COMPOSTABLE and BIODEGRADABLE
Our N605 Series have gained DIN CERTCO certification, including both the European standard EN 13432 and North American Standard ASTM D6400. The certification confirms that, as an additive, our foils is fully compatible with the composting process. After decomposition, substrates decorated by our foils leave no toxic residue or any other negative effect on the environment.

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