Vellerino's philosophy is based on COMMITMENT.

  • Committed to our Team

  • Committed to our Customers

  • Committed to our Suppliers

  • Committed to our Environment and Society    

Vellerino SDI is well aware customer's satisfaction is an essential factor for operations. We are convinced quality and environmental protection are strategic factors for competitiveness in the market and it considers essential the implementation of an integrated system whereby they can develop those methods aimed at quality management and reducing environmental footprint.

Therefore Vellerino SDI has applied a policy based on improving its competitiveness in the market through achieving a greater degree of differentiation in their products and services, based on a plan of continuous improvements to avoid mistakes as a key element for achieving high reliability / efficiency of the enforcement process aspect, allowing us to comply at all times with the growing expectations of our customers and the legal requirements offer corresponding.

Our customers/distributors' profile:
The profile of our customers/distributors, corresponds to companies with clear added value and high degree of specialization, dedicated to providing solutions for Marking and/or Encoding to end users from practically every sectors of the current industry.
They are companies that, in line with our policy of quality, have a clear commitment to customer service and are not part of the sales only by price, but a specialized and consultative sales.

Our principles:

  • Continuous Improvement, which allows us to offer customers products with the latest technologies, applying constant innovation and optimization for the different processes we follow.

  • High specialization of human resources, to maintain and improve the professionalism of our team, we develop a continuing education and a responsible attitude aligned with the commitments of the company, including those that apply to the employee's own safety.

  • Differentiation, defining our own products by applying all the knowledge and market experience that Vellerino SDI has.

  • Customer Trust, through high involvement in the knowledge of the problems and needs of the customer, through commercial advice and personalized support with high expertise in the product.

  • Sustained growth, through the fulfillment of the requirements, both legal, regulatory or other signed with the customer or the society itself.

  • Confidence of our suppliers and contractors, working closely together to achieve common sustainable development objectives by implementing appropriate policies shopping.

Our commitments:

  • With the Customer, taking responsibility for the quality of service and support we offer them to contribute a clear added value for the development of their business.

  • With the Quality, so that the internal management system allows us to offer our customers a service and product that fully meets their needs first, which will facilitate their trust and permanent fidelity, all within the framework of compliance with the requirements established and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality system.

  • With the Environment, our business is conducting following the rules of sustainable development and conservation and rational use of natural resources. We are committed with the continuous improvement, prevention and minimization of environmental impacts where we can influence. Taking care of the environment.

  • With occupational Health and Safety, all our processes and facilities protect our employees from accidents, not being exposed to dangers and developing tasks using safe practices and healthy work environment.

  • With our Human Resources as the main asset of the company, through management and participatory leadership that gets its commitment to guide us as a true professional team, including our contractors and suppliers as a fundamental part of the system.

  • With shareholders of this organization, through the realization of efficient work in our areas of activity, which will allow economic development and sustainable growth for our company, increased investment, higher growth and therefore generate wealth for society in general.

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