New Ideas for New Opportunities


Vellerino SDI offers an innovative technique through which, in a simple way, you can generate your own labels with an Hologram's sensation.

This kind of label is not intended to give any security to the product, but it helps to distinguish its label:

  • Providing an elegant and modern design

  • Easy customization

  • And making more attractive the finish of the final product

Potential markets:

  • Pharmacy

  • Wines & Spirits

  • Cosmetics

  • Exclusive presentations

  • etc.

Secure solutions for brand protection

Vellerino SDI has a wide range of hologram tamper proof that provides security for products packaging and documents.

  • 2 Dimensional Image : It's a single layer.

  • True color Image : It gives the real color of the photograph.

  • 3 Dimensional Image : The most realistic image of the object.

  • Flip/Flop - Switching Image : one image can see in one angle and the other image can view in the other angle.

  • Kinematic Animated Image : One can see the image moving while tilting the hologram.

  • Shrinking and Expanding effect.

  • Kinetic Pattern Lines : Sets of thin lines of a complicated geometry drawn with high resolution.

  • Gradient Effect : Color moving effect when you tilt the hologram in different angles.

  • Secret Code / Hidden Image Not visible with naked eyes. Can see under infrared beam only.

  • Concealed Image : They usually have the form of very thin lines and contours.

  • Micro / Nano text : Microtexts can be observed with an electron (sizes of less than 1 micron) and an optical (sizes exceeding 10 microns) microscopes.



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